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Outrage Puppet

Hardly a day goes by when mainstream (or alt) press, facebook or twitter doesn’t report some event, quote or photo that promotes feeling of outrage, sufficient to stir the emotions, galvanising us to share or retweet some sound bite, MEME image or story. Whether innocuous or deliberate, wether reported about someone important or someone that… Continue reading Outrage Puppet

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Playing with Kanji, playing with Aiki

I'm told language changes over time, the way we use it and the meaning too. Recently I was invited to share some thoughts on biomechanics and Aikido at a friendship seminar at Aikido Redlands. A friendship seminar is where people from different styles of Aikido (and related arts) might come together to share experiences and… Continue reading Playing with Kanji, playing with Aiki

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Out of balance…and not knowing it!

I dusted off the Dogi the other night (it’s been a while) and paid a visit to Redlands Aikido to share some thoughts on stability (thanks for the invite Clem). Whilst I didn’t go the full toppling biomechanics. We worked on the idea that as long as the Tanden (Centre of Mass) is inside our… Continue reading Out of balance…and not knowing it!

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Compromising to produce Excellence

I’m working at the moment with another cohort of MBA students on their capstone projects. Its a quite a challenge as the term is short and by necessity there is a strict word limit (thank God). Their ideas are often BIG as they want to hone their newly developed MBA skills and solve something they… Continue reading Compromising to produce Excellence