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Academic idea to entreprise

I still do quite a bit of work in the university sector. (I guess you get that when you come from a research background). Universities are full of amazing and very capable people with great ideas. These ideas are often well tested in the laboratory too! The real challenge is getting them out to the… Continue reading Academic idea to entreprise

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Consumer decision making process

It takes a long time for a prospect to actually make the decision to buy a product or service. There are several processes they go through, and at each step there is a funnelling, or more correctly a loss, of prospects. This is called the consumer decision making process. If you understand your customer you… Continue reading Consumer decision making process

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Turing your hobby into a business

It’s an attractive idea isn’t it?, take something you really enjoy doing and turn it into your career. The trouble is a dream turned into reality can sometime become a nightmare. Somewhere in the process it could also takes away the very thing you love,  by taking al the fun out of it…but this need… Continue reading Turing your hobby into a business

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3 things you need to succeed in business

There are only 3 things you need to succeed in business. 1. A product or service 2. A market ie customers 3. A way to reach customers  First up you need a product and that someone wants (and is willing to pay for). Steve Blank calls this the product-market fit and its pretty much Startup… Continue reading 3 things you need to succeed in business

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The basis of competition

If your in business then there is a good chance you have competitors. Having a basic understanding of how you are competing with them can improve the bottom line immensely. The bright minds at Harvard University c/- Michael Porter have turned their attention to this back in the 1980’s.  Essentially in comes to to how… Continue reading The basis of competition