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Outrage Puppet

Hardly a day goes by when mainstream (or alt) press, facebook or twitter doesn’t report some event, quote or photo that promotes feeling of outrage, sufficient to stir the emotions, galvanising us to share or retweet some sound bite, MEME image or story. Whether innocuous or deliberate, wether reported about someone important or someone that… Continue reading Outrage Puppet

Dans' Rants

Validate or get it to market ?

At the most  recent wearable technology conference in Melbourne we had speakers from industry and industry all weighing in on the latest developments of wearables.  I had as conference chair the at times challenging task of facilitating an emerging debate on wether 'product' should be rushed to market, or first scientifically validated and then released to market.… Continue reading Validate or get it to market ?

Dans' Rants

Intrapreneur, entrepreneur, startup, accelerator, incubator…?

There is a lot of focus in the Sports Technology world given to being a startup or making it as an entrepreneur. The Australian Sports Technologies network has been at the van guard of much of this in Australia where we have had training from notables such as Jerry Engel and Steve Blank. One of… Continue reading Intrapreneur, entrepreneur, startup, accelerator, incubator…?

Dans' Rants

Mayday, mayday computer down

I spend the better part of the last month without a computer to call my own - its a knowledge workers worst nightmare..or at least it was a decade or so ago. Turns out I managed to survive the slow demise into reboot hell of my old machine, the tracking of my new machine through… Continue reading Mayday, mayday computer down

Dans' Rants

Wearables are here and big brother likes it!

In case you were wondering about the potential for your fitness tracker and big brother…its already arrived! The idea of quantification of an athletes movement is something we have been using at the elite end of the spectrum for over a decade to help improve performance and reduce injury. With the popularisation of the technology… Continue reading Wearables are here and big brother likes it!