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10, 000 steps, with a little help from the lift

As a sports technology researcher I have a drawer full of gadgets for measuring sports performance, many are self made but there are quite a few commercial ones in the mix as well. These include cycle computers, watches and various sensors as well. Sometimes they are left overs from old projects, sometimes something to evaluate… Continue reading 10, 000 steps, with a little help from the lift

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Internet technology trends in 2012

Internet trends and technology in 2012 by KPCB

Attached is a link to a genuinely fascinating report on the use of technology and uptake of the internet. If your grinding away on your desktop PC with a terrestrial phone line by your side - its shows why you might be (like me) the next dinosaur, it also shows that if your thinking laptop you might need to be thinking smart phone or tablet (though no mention of googles new augmented reality glasses). It also shows how computing resources are not just for work/web browsing but for just about all the other bibliophilic activities in your life.

The slide show is just over a hundred pages in length featuring a whole lot of stats, some very US centric economic relates and conclusions. But the end of the show is a nice then and now of how we do things. Some of these are definite reality and other are part way to fruition and may or may not be fully realised.





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On Becoming and Expert

On becoming an Expert bWith the recent publication success of members of our research centre at the upcoming Asia Pacific Congress on Sports Technology  has come unsolicited email invitations to present and submit related work elsewhere and several researchers have been asking why?Below are the papers in question, which have just recently been published in Elsiviers'… Continue reading On Becoming and Expert

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Google Loves Sports Engineering

Google loves Sports Engineeringposted 19 Dec 2011 03:03 by Daniel James   [ updated 19 Dec 2011 03:04 ]Well google loves sports engineering, but no more than anything else and thats good enough for us. Google scholar, and the recent quiet release of google citations suddenly puts all peer reviewed publications on a more equal footing, its a real boost for emerging… Continue reading Google Loves Sports Engineering

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Business and Pleasure in Japan

Visiting Japan brings with it the pleasure of seeing old and new friends again, some indulgence in my favourite hobby of aikido (a kind of energy minimisation problem in a martial context) and the very serious business of sports and sports engineering. Last month was my most recent trip which might be of mild intrest.… Continue reading Business and Pleasure in Japan