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Academic idea to entreprise

I still do quite a bit of work in the university sector. (I guess you get that when you come from a research background). Universities are full of amazing and very capable people with great ideas. These ideas are often well tested in the laboratory too! The real challenge is getting them out to the… Continue reading Academic idea to entreprise


The Fat Smoker

There is a great strategy book about a fat smoke (Strategy and the Fat Smoker” by D. Maister). You can read the whole book if you like but the Itty Bitty take on it is this: The fat smoker knows he has to give up the cigars, the booze and start exercising to lose some… Continue reading The Fat Smoker

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Consumer decision making process

It takes a long time for a prospect to actually make the decision to buy a product or service. There are several processes they go through, and at each step there is a funnelling, or more correctly a loss, of prospects. This is called the consumer decision making process. If you understand your customer you… Continue reading Consumer decision making process

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Data Security is in the news…again

Mark Zuckerberg has recently fronted a senate comitee in the US to explain the use of personalised data by a third party organisation. While probably this is more of a direct concern to personal users than businesses, it certainly highlights the important of data security and who your sharing it with. Users of dropbox, google drive… Continue reading Data Security is in the news…again

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Turing your hobby into a business

It’s an attractive idea isn’t it?, take something you really enjoy doing and turn it into your career. The trouble is a dream turned into reality can sometime become a nightmare. Somewhere in the process it could also takes away the very thing you love,  by taking al the fun out of it…but this need… Continue reading Turing your hobby into a business

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3 things you need to succeed in business

There are only 3 things you need to succeed in business. 1. A product or service 2. A market ie customers 3. A way to reach customers  First up you need a product and that someone wants (and is willing to pay for). Steve Blank calls this the product-market fit and its pretty much Startup… Continue reading 3 things you need to succeed in business

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Shopfronts for the 21st Century

  We are well into the 21st century now and many things have changed. One of those is the good old shop front. Once the principle way of telling people about your business, it wasn't uncommon for shop fronts to be considerably larger than the actually business, as is the case for this little west… Continue reading Shopfronts for the 21st Century

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Not Happy Jan! Remembering the Yellow Pages

Hands up if you remember this ad? Can you believe this was published in the early 2000's. While probably most of us still have the yellow pages lying around,  when was the last time you actually used it? You see its all about convenience and a web search can reveal so much more that a… Continue reading Not Happy Jan! Remembering the Yellow Pages

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Ready, Set errr…go, maybe? NBN goes live in Mansfield, Brisbane

Hooray the NBN is finally here, After years of sitting 4km from the exchange on the end of some suspect copper (and very slow ADSL to prove it) we finally have the NBN. Its not the almost unfundable fibre to the premises or even to the node instead the much derided HFC. HFC is hybrid… Continue reading Ready, Set errr…go, maybe? NBN goes live in Mansfield, Brisbane

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Get your business on the High Street

  Time was that if your business wasn't on the 'High St.' you didn't get a lot of customers. I suppose this was because back in the day, passing trade in a busy shopping location was the way to attract customers with an impressive shopfront. These days with everyone looking online for where to shop,… Continue reading Get your business on the High Street