I want to…

brisbane website strategyhere is a collection of things you might want to do. Th good news is you can do a lot of these things yourself. The key questions is do you want to do it yourself, do you want to invest the time in learning the skills to DIY. Sometimes you do sometimes you don’t. My role in SABEL Consult is to help fill that gap and/or get you upskilled to DIY. Checkout my blog, grouped by topics…


Websites are your digital shopfront and digital self. They should be easy to find (SEO), be authentically you (branding and strategy) and easy to use (design elements) from desktops to mobiles and the voice services like google Home assist and Alexa (your new word of mouth). All of our websites use industry standard tools for maximum portability and designed for your business and optimised for google!.

A website is much more than throwing together some words and images, thats just the finished product. behind it are the elements of who you are, who are your customers and what you are offering. Itty Bitty Solutions offers a range of business services designed to get you a website that works by lining up the various design elements.


If you think branding is just for the big boys or show offs think again. More than a logo its about capturing what is uniquely you, and ensuring its front an centre on all your activities including website,  PR and marketing material.


‘If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there’. Strategy elements can help identify where your business is most productive, where your customers are and most importantly where you want to be. If we are building a website these are essential ingredients before the the first picture is uploaded

Content creation

Gone are the days of throwing up a photo or two and putting some keywords into every second sentence. These days google is a bit smarter than that and are looking for original words (rather than  ‘cookie cutter content from another country’) than describe what you are doing that is relevant to what people are searching for.

Social Media Strategy

It seems like everybody has a Facebook page these days, but theres a lot more to it. Social media requires developing an maintaining a one to one conversation to develop rapport, rather than just pushing out content. Social media at its best builds an intimacy with your clients and helps with retention rather than acquisition. Social media requires an ongoing commitment as well as careful selection of what channels work best for you and your customer demographic.

Consumer behaviour

Looking, comparing, deciding and agonising over the decision are likely the key steps you make when you go shopping. When someone is looking for your business they are pretty much doing the same thing so its important to build these elements into your online strategy. The touchy feely of branding, establishing authenticity are all critical elements to get right.

Search engine optimisation

If your not on google your going to be very hard to find, search engine optimisation ensures google and friends can find you that bit easier. SEO underpins content development from the very beginning, identification of quality referrers as well as what search terms are trending. Simple SEO steps can make a big difference and deeper optimisation can be a substantial competitive advantage. Did you know establishing your location can make a big difference to being found locally.

Tech Training

Some business like to be able to be hands on with website development, cloud services and ongoing maintenance,  others prefer a more arms length approach. Wherever you are on the continuum we are happy to help get you up to speed or out of a spot of DIY trouble.

Cloud and Digital Services

Specialist Consulting